Christmas is a time for all of us to come together and reflect on the past year while indulging on exciting food and drinks...maybe even doing that while reading one of the books released by us. As it is is 1st December 2021 today we will be running 4 weekly advent competitions throughout the month... Continue Reading →

A Monkey Christmas

A Monkey Christmas Our brave young hero, Monkey, wakes up on an ordinary Christmas morning, to find a less than impressive present tally under the family Christmas tree. However, his initial disappointment, quickly turns into excitement, as Monkey is pulled into a magical adventure like none other. Monkey’s quest takes him on a journey to... Continue Reading →

A Diary Of Delirium: A Horror Short Story Collection

A Diary Of Delirium: A Horror Short Story Collection Journey into the darkest recesses of your mind, as you delve into this collection of terrifying tales. Madness awaits. Fear awaits  Delirium awaits… A DIARY OF DELIRIUM: A HORROR SHORT STORY COLLECTION is now available to order on Paperback and Hardcover worldwide.

A Collection of Christmas Short Stories

Sit down in your most comfortable chair, wrap yourself up nice and warm in a snuggly blanket as you drink a cup of hot chocolate and indulge on Christmas delights as you read through this collection of Christmas short stories. A COLLECTION OF CHRISTMAS SHORT STORIES is now available to order on Amazon Kindle and paperback... Continue Reading →

Enchanted Forest Publishing

We are open for business. If you have a book that you are looking to get published we would love to hear from you. We are accepting submissions from new and established authors. Send your manuscripts to us We will read your book and be in touch with a decision within 30 days of... Continue Reading →

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